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Travel Cushion: Tips For Choosing!

People who are not used to long journeys cannot be too adept at getting a travel cushion if they plan to do one. This unusual accessory can indeed make them avoid back and neck pain, whether by car, plane or train. I present here a little topo on the travel cushion, some advice, and our selection.

Why a travel cushion?

The cushion is generally in the form of a U. Placed around the neck; it serves to wrap the neck, support the cervical, or even prevent the head to fall forward when sleeping. It is aimed at all those looking for better comfort when traveling over long distances. Its 2-in-1 convertible version is especially recommended for pregnant women and people with back problems.

For long trips by bus or plane, really, it is not the luxury to get one! For my part, when I know that I am going to do several long flights or long bus trips, I take a travel cushion with me. I will sleep more easily and on arrival, I would be less tired.

Declinations of the travel cushion

As said above, the travel cushion mimics the shape of a horseshoe. But there are also convertible cushions that quickly turn into rectangular pillows to stall the back.

There are two types of travel cushions: airbags that will be of interest to those looking to save space in their carry-on and non-inflatable cushions. In this last category, we find the polystyrene microbead cushion, the microfiber cushion, and the memory foam cushion.